Facebook, you don’t understand

Started writing: 31 Dec 2016, NYC time
Finished composing: 12 Jan 2017, 9.13 am NYC time
Date published online: 15 Feb 2016, 1.15 am NYC time


Facebook I don’t understand
Why you keep insisting that he’s my friend?
Stop suggesting that he’s in my photos
Or he’s with me whenever I post

It’s a photo of three dark skinned women
He’s a man, and the colour of white linen
And when I’m trying to message somebody
Stop assuming he’s my “favourite” buddy!

The other day, you got even weirder
You suggested I was with his father
I haven’t even met the man
And we’re definitely not Facebook friends

I saw you thought I should friend his sister
I’ll tell you now – that would be a disaster!
Your information – it’s just inaccurate
Or at the very least, it’s dated

It’s true, once we were more than friends
He probably was my favourite man
But that was quite a while ago
These days, we don’t speak anymore

In fact, he deleted me off snapchat
Though I’m not quite sure what he’s so mad at
He stopped following my instagram
So Facebook, you better get with the program

I’ll let you in on a little secret
Though I’m suprised, you haven’t worked it out yet
He told me very explicitly
He wants nothing to do with me

I figure he’s unfollowed me on Facebook
And on his page, I don’t look
So please, stop trying to force this friendship
‘Cause we’ve both accepted, this was a bad relationship


Right and wrong

Date written: 20 Dec 2016, NYC time
Date published online: 18 Jan 2017, NYC time

I need a reason for the things you do
You need a miracle to get you through
I try to guess what’s going on inside
But you would rather hide

My heart is tired, from all the low and then high
Your legs are broken, you ain’t up for a fight
You make it rain from an empty sky
Should I have known that was gonna be our last night?

You keep saying you’re falling to pieces
You keep saying you’re not strong
Because of you, I thought of making the right things wrong

I want a lover in the first degree
And you want a woman who isn’t me
At some level, I knew you weren’t right for me
But my heart tried not to see

It wasn’t me, it was you who wanted this
I got dizzy from your charm and your kiss
But as I fell, the spell for you was broken
So much for all those words you had spoken

I guess I was just a toy for you
But I didn’t bend the way you wanted me to

So I can see, we’re falling to pieces
This connection isn’t that strong
Because my heart refuses to make the right things wrong

And the days go by
The days go by
The days go by

And now I’m picking up the pieces
And now I’m trying to stay strong
Now I know what’s right from wrong
And you were wrong, so wrong.